Faroe Islands Grindadráp

Grindadráp: a brutal slaughtering of pilots whales in the Faroe Islands. Welcome back to Middle Age!

Probably you don’t never cared much about whales, and you use Facebook to share videos of cute kittens instead of bloody killings of mammals ( ok, kittens are cutest then whales). However I am sure that if you are here, you got a general idea of the matter and I hope you will not remain indifferent.
If you do not know what we’re talking about, check it out

Traditions are our history and keep them alive means not forget our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors. However on this planet we are probably the higher animals, and among other things, we can kill all living beings without exception.

You need you prove it evoking a traditional hunting? I would say no.

It’s clear to all, that in the Faroe Islands, men know how to kill whales, they’ve do it for centuries to feed themselves, but now is no more necessary (the official documents of the Government clearly emphasized the risks of eating whale’s meat).

So, my Faroese friend, you might as well stop now.

Also there would be an international convention (the Berne Convention) signed too by Denmark (the Faroe Islands are an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark) which binds the EU countries (and even some Africans) to the conservation of wild fauna and flora and their natural habitats.

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